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My Tear's my dress

Upendo Minja


My Tear's my dress

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Data facts;- 1:3 of baby girls undergone sexual violence before age of 18 years. Source of Data:- TDHS 2010 ( Tanzania Demographic Health Survey). Data visualization;- The girl inside the cage means she has boundaries to speak what she is facing around her community. She shows her back means she has no one to talk to or say what she is facing, and her community doesn't understand or help her for which my cause death, sexual addition, fill insecure and get physical and emotional pain. I put the red cage to represent her boundaries which affect her. According to TDHS says among three(3) girls one(1)of them face sexual violence. I represent the affected by read circles and the unaffected girls of which are two (2) by Blue. The reason i put white colour inside the Khanga is representing the kids means they are like Angles. And I put red roses outside of the Khanga its means after the kid being helped and protected by her society she will start being happy and achieve whatever she want to achieve. Personal perspectives;- Hear my cry am not alone who face the violence/affected/cries everyday and dies inside because of what I get from my society. I get blames and no one listen to me. Many of us encountered  sexually abused as children and did not address the abuse until adulthood. After i realize that child sexual abuse is more common than I ever imaged it could be, confused and angered me. I was compelled to dig deeper because clearly something is just not right. Child  sexual abuse has been correlated with higher levels of depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, eating disorders, somatic concerns, anxiety, dissociative patterns, repression, denial, sexual problems and relationship problems  and I face them  all. Each of us knew  our abuser, as a neighbor, teacher, family friend or even a parent. Understanding that the perpetrator is typically someone close to us helped me to see why few children report. Suddenly, the world that was once safe, fun and bright became a dark, dangerous and stressful place for us. Please my society help me to end this cruel according to African proverb that exemplifies our collective culture, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So I would think that the same village would serve to protect children and hold perpetrators responsible for their crimes. We know that communities of color tend to work together for the greater good of the community, and yet there are these trends of sexual violence against children that is not sufficiently addressed.We should take steps to instill more accountability and openness in the community. It is difficult to think about and hard to imagine but the fact is they are out there. So if child reports abuse, believe them, support them and allow them to get help.

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