Khanga Design Challenge

Security and growth

Fatma Makame


Security and growth

Name: Artist/Group

Fatma Makame

Describe your idea (200 Words)

The central part of the design presents stats of GBV of Temeke in 2014 in a feminine spiral text typography. The choice of typography is to show the continuity of the problem and the cyclic relationship between matters affecting men, women and subsequently children. The rest of the design include a floral frame of pink, purple and yellow flowers on a light blue background followed by an alternative square frame to symbolize that relationships are like gardens that need protection. The colour scheme represents the genders and symbolizes passion as well as anxiety. The message box features a red background which symbolizes love and danger as often GBV is camouflaged as love, the hollow white text represents serenity as well as the emptiness of love in the context of GBV. The message emphasizes that sincere love between genders leads to protection and safety which is needed for communities to grow.

Khanga Tagline

Tulindane tujenge taifa.

Team Member

Majidah Makame

Transferring concept design, colouring and research.