Khanga Design Challenge

Improve maternal and newborn health to reduce mortality rate

alice lawrence


Improve maternal and newborn health to reduce mortality rate

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Alice Lawrence

Describe your idea (200 Words)

While motherhood is often a positive experience, for too many women in Africa(Tanzania) it is associated with suffering, ill-health and even deaths. According to WHO,maternal mortality rate in Tanzania stands at about 578 deaths per 100,000 live births,representing 18% of all deaths of women age 15-19. And the research done in Temeke district addresses the direct cause of these death being haemorrhage,infection,unsafe abortions,hypertensive disorder and obstructed labour,all exacerbated by HIV and malaria. Neonatal deaths are inexinextricably linked to the health of the mother during pregnancy and the conditions of deling and newborn one. At the center of this khanga design is an infant growing healthier as a beautiful blooming flower representing a happy healthy mother and child following a proper health care to the mother. Just below it is 12 flowers with 2 of them withering representing 18% of maternal deaths. At the edgest health pregnant woman surrounded with love from the society and the open health alert is and at the four corners are people holding speakers indicating provision of education and awareness to the society about maternal and newborn health. The tagline explains that maternal and child health is a great gift to the nation as it is from there we can get the great future leaders.

Khanga Tagline

Afya ya mama na mtoto fahari ya Taifa