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Udhalilishaji mwisho.

fathiya shah


Udhalilishaji mwisho.

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Fathiya Shah

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Rape is a situation of making love with some one without his or her consent. This is an inhuman act that can destroy some one's life. According to the research conducted by Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey in 2010, cases of rape were reported, such cases were extortion. Sexual violence is a recognized global public health and human rights problem and is ranked as one of the most severe forms of violations of human dignity. According to UUPSALA Universitet 2010, although estimates of the prevalence of rape are limited by variation sin the methods and definitions used, in most population-based surveys that use representative samples, the lifetime prevalence lies between 10%and 21% among women aged 15 years and above 2-9. Based on such studies, it is evident that in the majority of cases, rape occurs during childhood or adolescence. Moreover, 7-48% of sexually experienced adolescent girls report forced sexual initiation with the wide range probably explaining a combination of variations in the methods and the true differences in the occurrence of the events. Due to that, i believe that, using my designing skills i can spark knowledge on why it's important to stop rape acts.

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