Khanga Design Challenge

What I Pass Through

shukuru kidogobasi


What I Pass Through

Name: Artist/Group

Tanya design

Describe your idea (200 Words)

Woman violence it has been to high in a society,several cases concerned violence it has happen mostly woman beaten and sexually abused by there husband through there life time,although data available showing that in 2010 it has been revealed sexual and economic violence to several women data source by (Tanzania Demographic and Health survey) Khanga tagline is Heri kufa Macho Kuliko Kufa Moyo.,To ensure woman have access to support and protection,prevent violence against woman and girls and providing health care counselling and safe space to survivors at sexual violence ,also need to speak out for girls and women who cannot express themselves and to teach woman to know there rights.

Khanga Tagline

Heri Kufa Macho Kuliko Kufa Moyo