Khanga Design Challenge


Khido Eliah



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Violence is simply an intentional use of physical force or power threatened on oneself, another or against group of community. Violence can be physical like beating ,over worked, segregation, genital mutilation , sexual like rape, sexual corruption as well as emotional violence like hurtful words, son privileges etc Most of the girls experience violence from the trusted people such as teachers and schoolmates from schools, relatives,parents neighbors roommates from homes friends and from street, According to the research and data collected by TDHS from Temeke district shows that 80% of the girls experience violence either physical sexual, emotional or both and from the designed Khanga a graduate in the center represents girls with visions and dreams concerning education for their future, meanwhile the dots represents the ratio of girls whom experience the effects of violence, which is 1:5 of which dark dot represent a girls who acquire education without experiencing violence and colored dot represent those who acquire while experiencing violence and some failed to acquire education at all Violence bring alot of negative impact to the girls and society in general such impact includes, loss of confidence,school drop out early pregnancy, early marriages, death due to abortion and lack of self acceptance, loss of competitive and strong woman whom could be political leaders, businesswomen entrepreneurs and so on, as well as creation of unstable and less confident generation which lead to lack of development in society and country as well. Society must understand that educating a woman is educating a whole society and acts of violence to girls and women must be stopped! " GIRLS CAN LET THE SOCIETY STOP VIOLENCE AND VALUE GIRLS."

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