Khanga Design Challenge

Is It A Sin?

Jessy Joh


Is It A Sin?

Name: Artist/Group

Jesca Mgaya

Describe your idea (200 Words)

Iam a woman, is it a sin be one? One to be beaten and violated in all aspects of life? because it's just me? just started when i came out as female that was forced getting married in a young age, not taken to school refused and violated in some of my rights. Got beaten up by my husband and yet stay quite, humble and tolerate all because of who iam. Iam talking to all you leaders,men,culturalists and the whole society around me. Iam all over the universe with my sad stories all over the walls,streets,social medias and alike. How can you not notice and take actions helping? I can be told out through colors,images,words and all that can be seen and heard, how can you not help diminishing such stories? This is what i hear when i think about myself,about woman out there "si mtende jangwani nikakua" because i need love,peace,care and power to rise and live. Maybe if i try telling through khanga you can all wear,read and do all possible to save me. Because i believe it's not a sin, Is it?

Khanga Tagline

Si Mtende Jangwani Nikakua