Khanga Design Challenge


Mary Sitty Gabriel



Name: Artist/Group

Mary Sitty Gabriel

Describe your idea (200 Words)

The sin against a woman is committed by any male member of the human race, is a slur on the male members because inspite of the their muscles, authority and power , they have proved to be a failure to protect a woman while talking of the grand security of the nation as a whole . I worked as a avolunteer at the WAA forum 2017 under Graca Machel Trust and Tanzania was selected as a host country for the inaugral WAA forum because Tanzania is a key focus country for the trust's womens rights . I noted down some of the key points discussed concerning gender based violence and how to create awareness . However, repots from the office of the regional medical officer on such issue shows that 8 cases ot of 10 were done to women. I've tried to create awareness by designing a khanga which is worn by almost all Tanzanian women and this is specifically for women living at Temeke district where gender based violence is a major problem. " UKATILI SIO UJASIRI" is the khanga tag line and the art signifies a woman who has been through traumatic experience of crime against her , hence should receive the highest acclaim from the society . She should be the recipient of some award like the 'bravery award ' and should be at the centre of respect and reverance instead of humiliation and antipathy. If we can mobilise enough of public opinion, then our society would come to regard such women as martyrs.

Khanga Tagline



  • Edwin Fernandes5th, November 2017

    khanga ni nzuri na ina ujumbe mzuri kwa jamii .....Hongera kwa ubunifu

  • zelia fernandes12th, November 2017

    Khanga inaujumbe mzuri na inaelimisha Jamii good job keep it up

  • zuwena denmark7th, November 2017

    wow! congaration my dear, nimeipenda sana ur khanga na beouse ts well designed and has carried a massege that inspire the society.

  • Arnold Butt4th, November 2017

    The Art Work Says It All

  • Japhet Cepher4th, November 2017

    Incredible Khanga design

  • ndaki George5th, November 2017

    Simple but powerful design....well done Mary

  • Zulpha Sariko6th, November 2017

    Well done

  • Ndaki Zacharia Budeba10th, November 2017

    I love the design , it gives a clear picture and potrays a message which can create change in the society. Excellent keep it up! Waiting to see more of your works :)

  • Peter Lawrence8th, November 2017

    Such a story telling design. Keep doing the good work. Love it

  • Honesty Erasto (Qper)8th, November 2017

    Nice design na ujumbe pia uko vizuri

  • Osman New Age7th, November 2017

    Khanga nzuri ina ubunifu na ujumbe unaendana... Good work

  • Diana Latson17th, November 2017

    I like the colour is so attractive and the words are so powerful.Good job????