Khanga Design Challenge

Tuepukane nayo, yanatupoteza

Alqam Stanley


Tuepukane nayo, yanatupoteza

Name: Artist/Group


Describe your idea (200 Words)

`Drugs abuse is the growing problem in Tanzania. It has been so effective in killing the man power, deteriorating the thinking ability of youths, increasing crimes such robbery and prostitution and also it facilitates the spread Sexual Transmission Diseases (STD's). According to the research conducted in 2014 by the National Scale Up Plan for Medical Assisted Treatment using Methadone for people who are using drugs in Tanzania, 98 men and 6 women were being treated in Temeke hospital. Also 782 men and 57 women were also treated in Muhimbili hospital. In Mwananyamala hospital 519 men and 147 women were treated in the same year. Due to this growing rate use of drugs in Temeke and Tanzania at large, I am planing to use my designing skills to educate drugs users and the society at to stop using drugs in order to facilitate accountability among them. My key stake holders are drugs users, parents and government agencies.

Khanga Tagline

Nitunze Kwa Huba Niepuke Dhoruba.