Khanga Design Challenge

Early Marriage/ Forced Marriage (Ndoa za Utotoni/ Kulazimishwa)

anna nkindwa


Early Marriage/ Forced Marriage (Ndoa za Utotoni/ Kulazimishwa)

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Anny Designs

Describe your idea (200 Words)

My key message to this khanga challenge is early marriage (ndoa a utotoni). I want this message goes to the family especially young girls. The data source of this message is from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)- ''Utafiti wa Afya ya Uzazi na Mtoto na Viashiria vya Malaria Tanzania 2015-2016, because girls aging 15-19, 27% of them were already having a baby or they were pregnant during research time. Youth who are educated do not get pregnant compared to youth who are uneducated. My call for action of key message is for women to stop forcing young girls to early marriage, this will help them to reach their dreams and goals. The tagline of my khanga is Maisha Yangu, Mwongozo Wangu; therefore I want this message to reach people out there, especially in the slumps and villages; am sure after they get educated from my message they will make their life better. I want my design to have the color that matches with the people, I want the green color which goes with the environment and red which goes with love that surround them and white which goes with clean or pure heart. What inspired me to make this design was because I saw the data about early marriage and it hurt me a lot.

Khanga Tagline

Yote nimeshinda, milima nimepanda