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Child marriage

Jasmine Abubak


Child marriage

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Wisdom Palace

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Data Fact: 36% of young girls were married before the age of 18 years in Tanzania and 35% in Dar es salaam, which generally gives an approximated ratio of 1 out of 3 cases of child marriage. Source: Tanzania Demographic Health Survey (TDHS) Pictorial explanation: In the picture, there is a very young girl blowing bubbles with a blue veil symbolizing marriage, with a chain on one of her leg that has wedding rings , and the bubbles are in groups of three, with one blue bubble representing the 1 out of 3 girl child who have gone through child marriage, with the rest of the bubbles as white, representing the lucky 2 free young girls. Young girls are mainly used as a source of wealth as marriage means bride price for the parents and thus get involved in such a practice, together with negative traditional practices, the young girls have been stripped from their innocence and freedom, which is not right. I feel inclined to speak this issue out, as i see many of my dear sisters/ friends undergoing such torment, which is not right at all levels.

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