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Say no in selling love

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Say no in selling love

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In Temeke region prostitution affects mostly young girls (teenagers), youth girls and even adults but mostly adults and youth. The main reason why they engage to this business is because of poor standard of living (poverty), unemployment, lack of education and peer pressure. This has been proven by research of 2010THDS().Which shows and explain girls in Temeke around zakhiem area and mbagala rangitatu are using their body as the source of income. Also the research of 2010(THDS)has shown that the business of selling body brings mostly negative impacts to people of Tameke. Those impacts are eruption of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea, and this business has cause death to young girls. Through those negative impacts there is an in important of saving young girls by helping them to know the importance and value of their body through giving them education of human health. All in all Girls should respect and see the value of their body. They should make it and feel themselves more than the value of a gold and allow no body to destroy it. They should say NO in selling love.

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